Last day to withdraw with a "W"

November 19th is the last day to withdraw from a course with a "W"


Take the PHOT 290 Internship class

**Students wanting to take the PHOT 290 Internship class in the fall should be out looking for an internship now! You need to have an established internship to take this class.


Visit the Annenberg Space of Photography

The Annenberg Space for Photography features several powerfully-themed exhibits a year as well as photography-oriented programming, including lectures, workshops, master classes and family-friendly events - Free

2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067


Upcoming Exhibition at the Annenberg Space of Photography

Sep 9, 2017 - Feb 25, 2018
Cuba Is
Revealing complexities on--and off--the island, Cuba Is explores aspects of Cuba not easily accessed by foreigners--and sometimes not even by Cubans themselves. Born from indigenous, African and European roots, divergent politics and limitations in communication and commerce, the Cuba seen in this exhibition goes beyond the folklore and offers new insight into its current reality. Over 120 photos feature subjects ranging from defiant youth known as “Freakies” to the hard-partying children of the 1%, the underground system of sharing digital content - “El paquete” – to Miami’s Chonga girls.


The Photography Department

The Photography Department features State of the Art Digital Lab 27” 5K Macintosh Imacs Color Calibrated Displays Archival Large Format Epson Printer Digital View Cameras Tethered Shooting Studio Strobe Systems

Film Processing Lab and Darkroom