Photo by: Eduardo Ceballos

Eduardo Ceballos

Photo by: Eduardo Ceballos

Eduardo Ceballos

Photo by: Katerina Hung

Katerina Hung

Photo by: Jorge Carrillo

Jorge Carrillo

Photo by: Anastassiya Topoyeva

Anastassiya Topoyeva

Photo by: Rosalva Meneses

Rosalva Meneses

Photo by: Josue Rivas

Josue Rivas

Photo by: John Dongara

John Dongara

Photo by: Shane Morines

Shane Morines

Photo by: Amanda Sannes

Amanda Sannes

Photo by: Shane Morines

Shane Morines

Photo by: Katerina Hung

Katerina Hung

Photo by: Lainey La Rosa

Lainey La Rosa

Photo by: Chelena Gadson

Chelena Gadson

Photo by: Patrick Quirk

Patrick Quirk

Photo by: Jessica Lopez

Jessica Lopez

Photo by: Pond Prakasit

Pond Prakasit

"The difference between a good photograph and a great photograph is millimeters"

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Today is an exciting time to be considering a career in photography. Professional photography is utilized in virtually every industry imaginable.

The Fullerton Photography Department offers both an Associate Arts Degree in Photography and a Professional Photography Certificate. The Photography Program prepares students for employment into a multitude of industries that utilize photography and/or transfer to a four- year degree university.

**Recommended course to begin your photographic study for either the hobbyist or aspiring professional. (Required for photo majors) PHOT 111 F Analog to Digital – A comprehensive introduction to digital photography. Discover what all those menus mean. Learn to master your digital camera and learn how to take dynamic high quality photographs. This course also includes an introduction to Adobe Photoshop, color correction, web prep, and digital printing.



Last day to withdraw with a "W"

November 19th is the last day to withdraw from a course with a "W"


Take the PHOT 290 Internship class

**Students wanting to take the PHOT 290 Internship class in the fall should be out looking for an internship now! You need to have an established internship to take this class.


The Photography Department

The Photography Department features State of the Art Digital Lab 27” 5K Macintosh Imacs Color Calibrated Displays Archival Large Format Epson Printer Digital View Cameras Tethered Shooting Studio Strobe Systems

Film Processing Lab and Darkroom