Fullerton College Photography Department

(This is merely a suggestion of a possible course pathway. Student may choose a
variety of paths provided they do meet the prerequisites of courses)

Professional Photography Certificate – 18 units
Associate Arts in Photography – 18 units + 60 GE units

Semester One

PHOT 101 Introduction to Photography – Required
PHOT 118 F 19th Century Photography
PHOT 227 F Social Media and Still Photography (only to offered in fall semester)

Semester Two

PHOT 112 Introduction to Professional Digital Photography – Required
PHOT 221 Studio Specialties – Required
PHOT 119 F 20th and 21st Century

Semester Three

PHOT 114 F Professional Portrait Photography – Required
PHOT 224 F Business Practices for Photography
PHOT 223 F Creative Photography
PHOT 226 F Video Capture for the Still Photography

Semester Four

PHOT 216 F Advanced Digital Photography – Required
PHOT 217 F Applied Photography
PHOT 104 F Wedding Photography
PHOT 290 F Internship in Photography – Required

Alternatives to Required PHOT 114 Professional Photography

***PHOT F 104 F Wedding Photography
( PHOT F 104 does not qualify for Associate Arts in Photography only for Professional Photography Certificate).